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Our story

This journey was inspired by the love of travel. Voyageback was inspired by our founder’s desire to share what he has enjoyed in all of his travels.

Armed with the belief that there are so many possibilities out there, we’re here to bring the world to your fingertips. Book a trip with us today.

About the company

Find and Book Travel with Voyageback. 

Voyageback is an Online Travel website and Tour Company. We have over 280,000 hotels, and resorts across the globe for you to choose from! Voyageback offers the lowest prices on airfare and hotels across the world to suit your travel, business and holiday needs. We do everything to ensure you get the “Best Rate” on our with no Booking Fees, and in some cases no cancellation fees.

Our Tours

When you book your tours with Voyageback, you can rest assured that there is no pressure. You have the option to explore independently, join our group activities, or simply sit in a bar or café and people watch. A big part of why we are so successful is due to the size of our groups. Keeping the group size small helps make travel with Voyageback a rewarding experience. 

We offer amazing rates and value for your money..

Voyageback.com is Africas foremost e-booking travel search engine, all you have to do is type in your destination and we return a list of all available airlines – filtered by price, number of stops, class etc., and for hotels – you get all hotels available in the area. We offer amazing rates on flights, as well as last minute hotel deals and discounts. When you book your hotels and flights on Voyageback.com, you are making a decision that will get you the best rates, discounts, offers and deals on the web. For Last Minute Bookings, we make every effort to get you the best rates no matter when you decide to book. Payment can also be made in the country’s local currency (where applicable). Whether you’re looking for airline tickets, the perfect Resort, a romantic getaway, luxury 5-star lodges, you want to go on an *African safari, you need a comfortable hotel room to rest after a long day anywhere in the world, you can definitely find and book it on voyageback.com.

We offer an array of destinations all over Africa. Regular departure dates, and an unequaled level of Customer Service to help make your trip a success! Our philosophy is that your travel experience should offer value and has to be meaningful in terms of what you get back. So we have priced our trips at the most competitive rates on the market. Our trips are filled with Adventure, Culture, and Wildlife. Join one of our tours toady, be encapsulated in the rich and extraordinary history, culture and traditions of Africa! 



Are you looking to buy cheap airline tickets, book that perfect Resort, run off on a romantic getaway, book luxury 5-star lodges, or you simply want to go on an African safari? voyageback.com is your solution.

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