Sights and Sounds of Accra – By TravelEatSlay

Sights and Sounds of Accra – By TravelEatSlay

Caroline Sande
Founder, @TravelEatSlay

“I touched Africa and came back darker. Knowing myself. Feeling my roots a little bit harder” (1980 by Estelle)

There is something magical that happens when you return back to the motherland after a long time – could it be the warm embrace you receive, the awakening of your taste buds or the humid breeze slapping you across the face bringing back childhood memories.

The west African city of Accra anchored with the legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade bursts with character and welcomes you with chaos, bright colors and heat. Though it was my second time visiting, I felt overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation over the adventures that lay ahead – Akwaaba!!


Traffic can slow down your daytime activities, so start your sightseeing early and visit  Independence Square and Kwame Nkrumah park museum. Next, practice your bargaining skills at Makola market, while getting a real taste of Ghanaian entrepreneurship. Then head over to Labadi beach to relax, catch up with the locals, part-take in dance competitions and sandy horse back rides all in the name of fun.

Let’s chop! When it comes to food you are spoilt for choice from traditional cuisines to continental restaurants. You must try local dishes such as waakye, kelewele, kenkey or banku and okra soup. Alternaltively if you are feeling peckish and want a convenient place to have a meal on the go then try chop bars (street food) served with love.

Shake a leg! As a millennial coming from a Western country I have to admit that the nightlife I experienced in Accra was on point. Enjoy a glass of prosseco overlooking the boisterous city from rooftop bars and dance the night away to the vibes of Afrobeat and Highlife music.

Door of no return! With a large concentration of colonial-era forts you can learn about the unsettling reality of the slave trade and connect with the past via small forts like Fort James within Accra or popular sites like Elmina and Cape Coast castles located just a 2 hours drive out of Accra.

Accra is just a tip of the iceberg, my only regret during this trip was not getting to explore the other cities such as Kumasi and Tamale to experience the contrast.

The perks of this city are plenty, my trip was a combination of warm hospitality, new experiences and discovering myself and another side of Africa that we are not shown. Truly an undiscovered gem!

The aim of @traveleatslay is to share travel experiences, explore global food cultures while expressing a fashion statement within a growing community of millennial travelers.

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